For who
SciCom NL is the Netherlands Association for Science Communicators. Our aim is to live up to our motto by being an association for “Everyone with a story about science”. SciCom NL seeks to be a platform for everybody with a passion for science communication. That includes scientists, journalists, museum staff, lecturers, people from industry, communication advisers and other interested persons. SciCom NL is therefore an inclusive association for all science communicators in which individuals can share their interest in, knowledge about and enthusiasm for science communication at any time. Such a cross-fertilisation of grassroots enthusiasm will lead to a further blossoming of ideas and initiatives within science communication. So if you have a passion for science communication in the broadest sense of the word we cordially invite you to join us.

Membership fee
The membership fee is 35 euros per calendar year. In the first year of membership you will be charged an additional 15 euros for one-off administration costs.
If you become a member during the course of a calendar year then you will only pay a membership fee for the remaining months of that year. In the following year you will pay the full contribution.

If you are a student then you can apply for student membership for free. After you graduate, you decide if you want to become a full member.

You can become a member by registering online at Please direct any questions you may have to:

Other forms of involvement
Individuals can also contribute to SciCom NL by becoming a donator. Organisations can contribute by becoming a sponsor or partner. For further information about all of these possibilities please click here.

Interest group and professional associations
SciCom NL members come from a wide variety of professions. Many of those professions have professional associations such as the science journalists (VWN), communication advisors from non-profit knowledge institutions (PWC), chemists (KNCV), engineers (KIVI NIRIA), lecturers (often per discipline, such as NIBI that has a strong focus on biology in education), publishers (such as VZU), et cetera. SciCom NL wants to consolidate these professional strengths within a single association for science communication in the Netherlands that recognises and values the diversity of its members. Stay informed by following us on Twitter @SciComNL, and or LinkedIn!